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  • There is no digital twin of each person in an organization.
  • There is no traceability of the activities performed by a certain person in the organization.
  • It is not possible to create a virtual environment in which these digital twins can interact with each other 100% online.

in-side solution

  • Create a virtual profile of each person in an organization so that it becomes your digital twin.
  • Create and collect bigdata of the activities of these people in the organization.
  • Access to a new virtual world from where all the legal needs of the organization can be managed.
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  • When there are many tools for communication, there is a lack of coordination due to lack of synchrony between them.
  • These tools work on different platforms and those who use them are prone to distraction with interactions outside of work. (Eg Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger).
  • Difficult follow-up, by sharing several channels, the immediacy that communication now requires becomes more difficult.

in-side solution

  • On a single platform, 100% of the communication generated between departments or customers is shared and recorded.
  • In the same digital interface, communication between lawyers, whether internal or external, is administered.
  • Thus, interpersonal relationships are improved by maintaining a fluid communication on the same subject without being contaminated with other sectors or leisure.
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Document Manager


  • Standardization of documents and execution times.
  • Management of responsibilities of each collaborator.
  • Access to information, tasks and documentation.
  • Monitoring of each action.
  • The documents are standardized and their availability is immediate.

in-side solution

  • You can check the status at each step of the process, how the tasks are being developed.
  • Administration of access to documents.
  • History of the changes of each document that indicates who and when an update was made.
  • Create a documentary stream
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  • There is no design of the processes.
  • Inefficient processes that do not improve due to lack of measurements.
  • Delays in updating resources.
  • Uncoordination of work flows.
  • Investment in software licenses.

in-side solution

  • Creation and empowerment of processes.
  • Processes that are perfected.
  • Immediateness in all processes that are updated in the platform in real time for immediate use of resources.
  • It allows the collaboration between areas of the company.
  • Workflows effectively coordinated from a single technological tool.
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  • Ignorance of the status of processes and documents.
  • Information leakage.
  • Limited access to information.
  • Information is a monopoly of the person who administers it.

in-side solution

  • Knowledge of the status of each procedure in all stages of the processes.
  • Blockchain that supports the security of documents and the confidence to share them with all stakeholders.
  • Transparent process information.
  • Access of information to all those who consider themselves participants of the process.
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VIRTUAL PROFILE: It allows a better identification and follow up to the people of the organization and the entrance to the virtual ecosystem for the management and administration of their legal needs.

DOCUMENTARY MANAGER: The best electronic channel that keeps the user connected to the legal team of the company. It also allows you to create and manage your documents digitally.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Create and manage tasks for the assignment of cases within the firm and for the control of the processes.

PROCESS ADMINISTRATOR: Facilitates the management of resources and services of a company and allows to do it from any device connected to the internet.

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IN-SIDE has more tools to complement the digitalization of legal activities.
  • Corporate Portal
  • Products Showcase
  • Blog
  • Surveys
  • Massive mail
  • Document management
  • Corporate CRM
  • Corporate Sales
  • Corporate purchases
  • Collections and payments
  • Corporate electronic invoicing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • OPTIONAL Integration with IN-SIDE 2%
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  • IN-SIDE manages the work of external lawyers to service the company.
  • You can hire external lawyers according to the specialty that is needed for each event.
  • External lawyers integrated at all levels with the internal legal area of the company.


  • IN-SIDE allows legal service providers to integrate into the virtual world and e-commerce.
  • All the tools were developed and updated, always thinking about the world of Law.
  • All the modules necessary for the integral development of legal activities are concentrated in a single tool.
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